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by Hinault Romaric DONFACK
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Lors de la conférence Build Windows de septembre denier, Microsoft a présenté des préversions de ses principales technologies de développement. La communication autour de ces produits a étouffé la sortie de la bêta de la version deux d’un de mes environnements de développement favoris : WebMatrix. Readmore

by Mokaya Asuma Joseph
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Like a small child, the world has undergone a metamorphosis from the stone age, electricity, industrial era not to the technology driven era. Sometimes I sit down and wonder what the next big thing is. Luckily enough, in Africa it is the only thing we can compete fairly with the rest of the world, apparently it might be the beginning of our time to conquer the world. This is the only time we can prove to the rest of the world that we have brains and we can have the best ideas the world has ever known.....

by Kwame Andah
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Coders4Africa announced that its 4th Software Developer Conference will be held in Nairobi, Kenya at Strathmore University’s research center @iLabAfrica on October 21st and 22nd. All software, application developers, techies, technopreneurs and computer science students are invited to this revolutionary event. Registration is FREE, but space is limited. The goal of the conference is to bring together the brightest software developers and software companies that are focused on breakthrough technologies and alleviating issues facing their communities. During the conference there will be workshops, hackathons, demos and C4A will explain its vision for a Pan African community of software developers. The aim is to bridge the gap between East and West African developers and spark more collaboration between the 2 sub-regions. New technologies are substantially changing notions of time and space by reducing the latter. As a result, they free up time and energy to create, produce and progress.

by Ibrahim Khalil
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Je vous vous propose un premier tutoriel sur Windows phone 7 qui vous permettra de jouer un son en utilisant la technologies Silverlight inclut du framework XNA.

Avant toute chose, il faut importer le FrameWork XNA audio


using Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Audio;

Dans mon cas, j’ai utilisé le SoundEffect pour récupérer et exécuter le son. Je déclare donc mon son


private SoundEffect monSon;

Ensuite, dans le constructeur de ma page, je vais Load mon son dans la variable que j’ai créé. Mon son se trouve dans un dossier bit que j’ai créé.


LoadSound("bit/monSon.wav", out monSon);

Pour pouvoir utiliser le LoadSound, voici la méthode qui est a créé ....

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