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Friday, Oct 21st

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by Kwame Andah
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Coders4Africa announced that its 4th Software Developer Conference will be held in Nairobi, Kenya at Strathmore University’s research center @iLabAfrica on October 21st and 22nd. All software, application developers, techies, technopreneurs and computer science students are invited to this revolutionary event. Registration is FREE, but space is limited. The goal of the conference is to bring together the brightest software developers and software companies that are focused on breakthrough technologies and alleviating issues facing their communities. During the conference there will be workshops, hackathons, demos and C4A will explain its vision for a Pan African community of software developers. The aim is to bridge the gap between East and West African developers and spark more collaboration between the 2 sub-regions. New technologies are substantially changing notions of time and space by reducing the latter. As a result, they free up time and energy to create, produce and progress.

This FREE event is recommended for anyone who has experience in web, mobile, application or system programming. For computer science and information systems students this is a must attend event. IT professionals who are not coders are also welcome. “We chose to focus on programming and Software development because it is part of our individual careers, but mainly is our way to give back to people who are less fortunate than us and are really trying to find a way out. We believe that software is vital since other technologies cannot function without it” said Ali Kone Director of Training program and Co-Founder.  

Keynote Speakers include Coders4Africa co-founders and Team members, iLabAfrica staff, Microsoft, IBM, and representatives from local IT shops: StorySpaces, Akirachix, M-Farm, Jumping Bean (form South Africa) among others. “One of our end goals is to create a strong community of African programmers that share and transfer knowledge among themselves and to future generation of programmers. Furthermore, we foresee Coders4Africa to be the authoritative source that produces and showcases African software engineers and developers who aspire to compete in the global market.” CEO and Co-Founder Amadou Daffe said.

The event will showcase the importance of technology builders for the development of Africa. “We are going to demonstrate how Coders4Africa is playing its part to remedy the lack of professional technologist in Africa, and how partnering with companies and universities in the process of training professional software developers will be faster, valuable and honestly a blessing” said Marketing & Communications Director and Co-Founder Kwame Andah. 

About Coders4Africa
Coders4Africa’s vision is to create and support a Pan-African community of competent, internationally certified IT professionals focused on developing the IT tools for African Agriculture, Business, Education, Health Care, Government and general Social needs. By leveraging the rapid development and evolution of the wireless communications and Internet access platform in Africa, their goal is to educate, certify and continue to support a 1000+ cadre of IT professionals.

Coders4Africa was first conceived in August 2010 through the efforts of a group of 5 friends (Amadou Daffe –Senegal, Ali Kone –Mali, Ibrahim Cisse –Mali/Senegal, Moustapha Cisse –Niger, Kwame Andah -Ghana) who collectively have 40 plus years of experience in the engineering and development field. They all share a passion for technology in general and software engineering in particular.

They have organized conferences in Mali, Senegal, Ghana with sponsors including Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT (Ghana), SUP'INFO DAKAR (Senegal), Microsoft and Oracle.

About IBM
International Business Machines (IBM) is an American multinational technology and consulting firm headquartered in Armonk, New York. IBM manufactures and sells computer hardware and software, and it offers infrastructure, hosting and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology. As of September 2011, IBM is the second-largest publicly traded technology company in the world by market capitalization.

About Strathmores University's @iLabAfrica
@iLabAfrica is a Centre of Excellence at Strathmore University with a focus on ICT Research & Innovation, and Entrepreneurship & Incubation.

@iLabAfrica has been established to spearhead research and innovation in the ICT for development ecosystem towards the attainment of the UNDP Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) and contribute toward Kenya’s Vision 2030. As a research centre dedicated to leveraging the benefits of innovations in ICT, promoting entrepreneurship through nurturing and mentoring of young innovators via adequate training programmes and incubation facilities, as well as promoting a conducive environment in Africa through policy research. Our main aim is to foster capacity development and to identify and support technological innovations that have the potential to become viable businesses and may have a social impact reaching the bottom of the pyramid. The centre also advises policy-makers on the policies that may be initiated to transform ICT into a genuine tool for sustainable development.

About Microsoft
Founded in 1975, Microsoft Corporation, is an American multinational computer technology corporation that develops, manufactures, licenses and supports a wide range of software products for computing devices. Headquartered in Redmond, Washington, USA, it is best known for products such as the Microsoft Windows operating system and the Microsoft Office suite of productivity software.

About Computer Aid
Computer Aid International is a UK registered charity that aims to reduce poverty through practical ICT solutions. We provide only the highest quality, professionally refurbished computers and laptops for reuse in education, health, agriculture and not-for-profit organisations in developing countries. At our London workshop we data-wipe, test and professionally refurbish donated computers, monitors and laptops from UK organisations and individuals. In addition to the provision of PCs, Computer Aid works on numerous initiatives designed to further increase access to ICT among poor and disadvantaged communities including the provision of e-training programmes for nurses and low cost software for partially sighted individuals. Most recently, Computer Aid has launched the ZubaBox, a solar powered IT hub, which will enable access to solar powered ICT anywhere in the world.

Media Contacts
Kwame Andah
Co-Founder & Director, Marketing & Communications 
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by Ibrahim Khalil
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Je vous vous propose un premier tutoriel sur Windows phone 7 qui vous permettra de jouer un son en utilisant la technologies Silverlight inclut du framework XNA.

Avant toute chose, il faut importer le FrameWork XNA audio


using Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Audio;

Dans mon cas, j’ai utilisé le SoundEffect pour récupérer et exécuter le son. Je déclare donc mon son


private SoundEffect monSon;

Ensuite, dans le constructeur de ma page, je vais Load mon son dans la variable que j’ai créé. Mon son se trouve dans un dossier bit que j’ai créé.


LoadSound("bit/monSon.wav", out monSon);

Pour pouvoir utiliser le LoadSound, voici la méthode qui est a créé ....

by Ibrahim Khalil
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Dans cet article, je propose de parler du développement dans Windows Phone 7.

A propos de la plate-forme

Le développement de Windows Phone 7 se fait en utilisant le framework .NET. Le framework. NET est un cadre logiciel créé par Microsoft pour une utilisation dans la création d’applications Windows, Web et Mobile. Il permet au développeurs d’écrire des applications utilisant l’une des plusieurs langues pris en charge par le framework. NET, comme C #, puis exécutez les applications dans un environnement d’exécution appelé Common Language Runtime. Pour Windows Mobile 7, il existe deux approches de développement distincts, vous pouvez prendre lors de la création de votre application.....

Nandimobile Featured

by Kwame Andah
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Coders4Africa recently had some time to chat with an awesome group of developers who fit the profile of 'The African programmer'. Founders Edward, Anne and Michael are the proud operators of Nandimobile. Their organization is among the first to provide a tool (Gripeline) through which customers can interact directly with businesses in Ghana. Think of it as the mobile version of the website, but focused on African businesses and their customers.

Gripeline allows businesses to receive and manage customer feedback, comments and questions directly from their clients (or potential clients) mobile devices. In a society where time is of the essence, especially when it comes to service level agreements and customer service, Nandimobile and their SMS & WAP services are much needed in Africa.

They recently won a Best Business award at the LAUNCH conference in San Francisco, in a competition that included a plethora of Silicon Valley start-ups for their Gripeline product. Below is a transcript from our conversation...

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