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C4A In Action Kenya Feb 10, 2012 Event Summary

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The coders4africa event took place in Strathmore University at the @ilab Africa’s premise.There were 60 participants scheduled to attend the meeting and at some point we felt that the room we were given was small.

We started the meeting at minutes to three which was an hour late past the planned start time. This is due to the fact that people came late for the meeting and we could not begin with five people in the room. Kristen made the opening keynote speech on behalf of coders4africa and computer Aid International. She welcomed all for the 2012 Feb Coders4Africa in action meeting.

Joseph then made announcements which included:
  • The formation of the coders4Africa Taskforce. Described shortly the activities of the team and how the team will be able to generate income for themselves and also contribute to the sustainability of the coders4africa Kenya Chapter.
  • The Coders4Africa participation in the World Bank competition. This is a competition on climate change that will be able to keep track of climatic changes in a span of five years.
  • The participation of Coders4Africa members in the agile Africa Conference where some of them could be speakers on agile development.
  • Finally talked on the ideas that members could participate on:
Later the speakers started their presentations, we had Jackson Kariuki from Strathmore University Information Technology Students Association (SUITSA), who talked on the activities and success of the club. We had Paul Mwachi from Isys who talked on the involvement of Isys in Africa and the world and the way developers can be involved in it. We also had Kiragu from the Society of Software Developers of Kenya and he talked on the influence of the society on technology, the University curriculum and how developers can join it for the for their own benefit. Frankie Onuonga also presented on Linux security, and cloud computing and the picture of Linux in all this. We also had Harris Dindi who presented on M-CALC and the bigger picture of the system’s influence on the food security AffiliStars offers one of the most attractive commission plans in the affiliate marketing industry, with new partners starting off with a whopping 70% revenue share. in Kenya. Sean Smith from Invested Development presented on the opportunities that developers had to make their dreams come true in the BETA program. Later in the evening we were joined by Matogo John from
 @ilab Africa who gave some remarks on technology. He said  @ilab Africa  is thrilled to host coders4Africa with the aim of making Africa a software hub in the world. He talked about the incubation opportunities available for the developers too at @ilab. Attached herein are presentation copies:
We should have more technical sessions for the next event. Find a better way for the OES developers to present their progress. Find a way of engaging every participant in the meeting so that the don’t come to speculate.

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