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The Ugg Boot is Here to Stay

The Ugg Boot is Here to Stay

Love them – and many people do – or hate them – and many people do – ugg black friday are here to stay. First worn by Australian sheep herders to keep their feet warm, then by war pilots at high altitudes and finally usurped by surfers after a chilly dip in the ocean, these flat soled fur-lined boots have made it into the cutting edge fashion world. Lots of women can’t do without them and lots of men think they are a step way beyond ugly. No one denies though that they are warm, soft, comfortable and beloved by celebrities and star athletes. If you’re neither a movie icon nor a sports idol just exactly how and where do you wear these ugg boots?

There are those who insist the ugg in ugg boots derives from ugly. Websites have even sprung up vilifying uggs and calling for the immediate cessation of wearing uggs. Although the roots of the term can’t be precisely pinned down it has been copyrighted and now serves as the signature brand of ugg boots. However, many variations of ugg boots are on the market and they are undoubtedly one of the most popular type of boots sold. Most are labeled as simply sheepskin boots. All have the same distinguishing characteristics: Flat soles or low heels and laces, rounded toes with real sheepskin linings. Ugg boots come in a variety of heights and colors.
Why are they so popular? Well, part of it may come from the typical desire to wear what many others question that is common amongst some fashionistas. Still, they are undeniably warm and do an admirable job of keeping the feet of their wearer dry. Another remarkable feature is that due to the breathability of sheepskin, ugg boots for women are also comfortable in relatively warm weather. Some diehard devotees of ugg boots lumber around in them until temperatures are in the eighties.

What is the proper apparel to wear with a pair of uggs?

Once you’ve decided to be seen out in ugg boots almost any fashion statement short of formal wear is acceptable and they can be worn by either sex. Girls and women will wear them with ski clothes and jeans but also with shorts and mini-skirts. Guys also wear them on the slopes and as footwear with their Levi’s. One of the few ugg boot taboos is water; they don’t do well in the wet. Deep snow and hiking are also not up an uggs’ alley.

What to do with a dirty ugg – do you kill it?

Uggs and any of their sheepskin counterparts should be hand washed with cold water. Hot water can cause them to shrink or crack. Don’t wash them in the washing machine or throw them in the dryer. In fact, don’t put them near any direct lighting source or in sunlight. One wonders how the original owner – the sheep – dried them. For those really fond of their ugg boots 5815 , stuff them with towels or paper when drying to help them maintain their shape. Special grooming products are also available for true uggs aficionados.

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