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The BurkinaFaso Team

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Hadja Ouattara Sanon

Tri-lingual (French, English, Dioula), she currently lives in Ouagadougou Burkina Faso.
Hadja OUATTARA SANON is ICT Administrator at CAPES - the Center for Economic and Social Policy Analysis of the Presidency of Burkina Faso.  Since 2000, Hadja has been involved in Open Source software organizations in Africa. She was the Secretary General of the African
Open Source Software Association (AAUL). She is also the Secretary General of the Association for Linux and Open Source Software in
Burkina Faso (A3LBF). She is an At-Large member of AFRALO at  ICANN.
She has several years of experience in project management. She mostly uses the following technologies: Java, PHP, open source.
Hadja OUATTARA SANON  is the Program Manager Coder4Africa BURKINA FASO.

He is the current Program Manager Coder4Africa Senegal.

Hadja Sanon

Jacques Rodrigue Guiguemde

Four-lingual (French, English, Moore, Dioula), he currently lives in Ouagadougou Burkina Faso.
Jacques Rodrigue GUIGUEMDE is web Servers Administrator at the Ministry of Transport Post and the Digital Economy of Burkina Faso (free software tools for daily work).  He is passionate about free software. He is member of the Association for Linux and Free Software in Burkina Faso (A3LBF).
He has experience in programming, project management and he mostly uses the following technology: Java, PHP, JSP, OPENCMS and others open source.

Jacques Rodrigue GUIGUEMDE is the Technical Manager Coder4Africa BURKINA FASO.


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