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Welcome to Developers' community of CODERS4AFRICA.

Founded in 2009 with branches in the United States, Canada and Africa, CODERS4AFRICA is a Software development firm that trains, hires and manages technology teams in Africa. We have distinct training programs, outsourced development services and foundry programs to nourish and grow internal ideas. What started out as an initiative to give back to our communities, transformed itself into your one stop shop for software cross-platform development for web, mobile, enterprise APP solutions to clients across the globe. Since March 2014 C4A has pivoted to a c-corporation for Profit Company. C4A is the powerhouse guiding the developers toward their own betterment in promoting creativity while providing a lending hand in becoming the brainpower for Africa’s future in IT global-outsourcing and software development.

Our motto is: "More Than Code. Practical Solutions". To that effect, we have a large and very diverse team of software developers, architects and business analysts that have a combined 40+ years’ experience in several technologies. We build applications for every need from prototyping for a startup to a full-fledged enterprise mobile solution for small to medium size companies with our expertise in handling different mobile platforms such android, iOS, Blackberry etc. and fully responsive web application with the newest technologies and tricks.


  • Africa impacts just 1% of the world’s IT distribution and production for both software and hardware (UNCTAD 2013)
  • 70 million African internet users & more cellphone users than US & EU and not enough coders to leverage this opportunity
  • Africa is faced with 3 problems 
    • Not enough Software developers 
    • Not skilled enough to do the job 
    • Not enough contextual and impactful APPs
  • C4A network 1500+ developers in 25 countries
  • Offices: Kenya, Ghana, Senegal , Tunisia and Ethiopia (very soon Nigeria)
  • 25 employees located in those local offices
  • 5 Impact Mobile APPs 
  • Invested in 2 African based startups

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We are looking to contribute practically and effectively to the development of human capital in Africa through the means of technology. Human capital betterment is indispensable in reducing poverty and developing any type of economy. We believe that it is the center of every nation's wealth.

We are bound to create the premiere and largest software Outsourcing company in Africa that hires a pool of Highly skilled African citizens in the software development industry to enlarge the labor income share thus contributing in a more equitable distribution of income.
A the same time we are creating the largest community of African programmers that share and transfer knowledge among themselves and to future generation of programmers.


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  • Add: 100 Technology Way Suite 335,
    Mount Laurel, NJ 08054 USA
  • Tel: (888) 418-1146
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