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Update on Africa Trip!!

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Hi Everybody,

We are now returning to the USA to fulfill the commitments we made to you, which are:

  1. Grow Coders4Africa community in order to create opportunities for IT African Professionals in general and African programmers in particular. These opportunities vary from employment to knowledge transfer
  2. Put into action the “1000 trained and certified African programmers by 2016” project.


We spent the past 3 weeks presenting the organization goals and programs. During that time we were not able to update the site with new material. Starting Monday January 17th we are going to be delivering new materials and content weekly. We have turned on the forum so that we can start collaborating and discussing different topics, feel free to use it right away.

Also, I am still working on the summary blog that I promised those who came to the Android and .NET 4.0 Workshop. I apologize for the delay; it will be up pretty soon.

In the meantime for the programmers located in Senegal, we would like to invite you at a workshop session on January the 8th at 15:00.

We have not forgotten the volunteers who came forward during the Dakar conference who wish to participate in the development and maintenance of our portal Please contact me directly to my email below so we can begin.

Thank you for staying tune and for your patience

Feel free to contact me directly at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Amadou Daffe

Co-Founder Coders4Africa


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