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Training And Certification Program

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Training/certification will in 2012 and ends in 2016, and consist of face-to-face and virtual classes. Only 1000 programmers will be selected via an online examination which will be available shortly. We may have the opportunity to increase the number of selected participants and extend it for another 4 years.

There will be two types of training and certification programs

  1. 4-weeks training

    1. This training applies to expert and senior participants with very solid skills and understanding in the software and Application development realm.
    2. 3 weeks training and 1 week boot camp towards certification.
  2. 3 months training

    1. Applies to entry, mid and junior level participants with average or more experience in programming or application development.
    2. 2 months and 2 weeks of training with 2 weeks boot camp towards certification.

Domain Focus

  1. Web

  2. Mobile

  3. Database

  4. Networking

Each of these domains will consist of 3 training modules

  1. Fundamentals

    1. For Experts and Seniors

      1. Examine the basics for understanding the various phases and processes of the Software Development Life-cycle.
      2. Understand the various models, methodologies, frameworks, platforms and tools in Software and Application Development.
      3. Understand the foundation of requirements management, software architecture, test engineering, quality engineering, configuration management, measurement and analysis.
    2. For beginners and juniors

      1. Understanding Core Programming.
      2. Understanding Object-Oriented Programming.
      3. Understanding General Software Development.
      4. Understanding Web Applications Development.
      5. Understanding Mobile Applications Development.
      6. Understanding Database Applications Development.
      7. Examine the existing, new phases and processes of the software development life-cycle.
  2. Project

    1. Take on a real life project and apply core software development life-cycle elements:

      1. Analysis
      2. Design
      3. Implementation
      4. Testing
      5. Maintenance
  3. Certification

    1. Boot camp training on certification materials for technology of choice: Microsoft, Sun, Oracle, Google etc…

    2. Focus on certification exam

The strategy focuses on improving the competitiveness of African developers in increasing their expertise and skills. Certification brings real value for students, professionals and organizations that employ them.

These certifications will enable programmers and developers to showcase their skills in specific technologies. The technologies developed in the Software industry and global markets require very skilled professionals. In this context, certification gives businesses the means to quickly identify the most qualified candidates. Companies recognize the effectiveness of certified experts, as evidenced by the many offers of jobs present in the specialized world press.

Some examples of vendor specific certification paths

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